In 2001 Energetyczne Towarzystwo Finansowo – Leasingowe ENERGO UTECH S.A. implemented the quality management system consistent with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 standard. The certificate (number 04100 11821) confirming conformity with the requirements for the ISO 9001:2000 standard was issued by RW TÜV Polska on 20.11.2001.

The currently valid certificate with the number AC090 100/0544/477/2013 was issued by TÜV NORD Polska (a successor of RW TÜV Polska) on 08.10.2013r. 

In the subsequent years current supervision audits and recertification audits were carried out in the Company. Thus conforming maintenance and development of the quality system being consistent with the ISO standard. Among other things, owing to this a constant, high level of providing services to our contractors is maintained. It refers both to the lessees and other clients of our services, and to the institutions cooperating with our Company as broadly defined providers. 

Within the frameworks of the quality policy the Company provides leasing and other financial services as well as services related to electric energy trading (licence OEE/246/873/W/1/2/2001/MS). Our Company provides services mainly for the electric power sector and for the related sectors, such as: transport, mining, telecommunication and others. 

All the actions of the Company are performed according to the quality policy, they are intended to create the Company’s credibility and maintain confidence of the present clients and attract new ones.

In order to achieve the goals of the quality policy our Company continuously improves its quality management system by:
  • maximising the client’s satisfaction
  • maintaining and continuous improving the quality management system and the services for the electric power and heating sector, as well as looking for new contractors.
  • protecting the competencies gained in the sector and keeping the image of a trustworthy company in the financial service market.
  • extending the scope of activity by new products and new areas in the electric power market.
  • obtaining a defined profit level from the basic activity.
  • constant improvement of the employees’ awareness and qualifications.